About Liam

As a web developer based in London, Ontario, Canada, I began my journey in 2011 with a passion for HTML and CSS that I developed through various online sources. One of my earliest projects, BeingGinge, was a secure and monitored online platform designed to help redheads share their experiences of bullying.

Since then, I have focused on freelance web development, which led to the establishment of my own freelance brand, Ginge, in January 2016.

While continuing my freelance business, I joined DevLift Media in August 2016 as a developer which allowed me to expand my expertise by experimenting with a range of frameworks and languages.

I graduated from Fanshawe College's Interactive Media Design program in April 2017, and later that year, I joined Arcane Digital as a web developer.

During my four and a half years at Arcane Digital, I had the incredible opportunity to work on projects for some of Canada's most renowned brands. This experience allowed me to not only develop a deep understanding of web development technologies but also to create and optimize websites to meet the specific needs of these high-profile companies.

I recently started a new chapter in my career as a Software Developer at EventConnect in February 2022. EventConnect is a sports tournament management software that simplifies the management of sports events for organizers, participants, and fans.

I am well-versed in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, and VueJS, which enables me to create scalable and efficient web applications and websites.